Huevos Rancheros Burger

Submitted By: John D.
Prep Time: 5

Cook Time: 15


6 - Johnsonville's Chorizo Patties

1 1/2TeaspoonsBlack pepper, ground fresh
2EachLarge red onions, sliced into 3/4" thick whole rings (only the large rings)
6EachJohnsonville Chorizo Patties
6SliceMedium cheddar cheese
6EachLarge flour tortillas (10")
3/4CupsEnchilada sauce
2TeaspoonsCanola oil


Note: You want the onion rings intact and about 3" in diameter. Store the remaining onion for another use. Start your grill and prepare for direct cooking over medium heat (about 350°). While the grill is heating, tear off about 30" of foil aluminum and fold it in half. Once the grill is heated, put the foil on the grate, pour the oil on the foil and quickly spread it around with a wadded paper towel held by tongs. You want to completely oil the top of the foil so that the eggs don't stick. Tip: Use the new non-stick foil to ensure nothing sticks. Start grilling the chorizo patties on an open area of the grill, per the package directions. Add the onion rings to the foil and let them cook for about two minutes, just to soften them a bit. When the burgers have cooked about one third of the total time, gently crack an egg and pour it into one of the onion rings, then season the egg with 1/4 teaspoon of the pepper. Repeat with the remaining eggs. Close the grill lid and continue cooking until the burgers are just about done. During the last minute of cooking top each burger with a slice of cheese and let melt. Remove the burgers to a platter. Place a burger on one side of a tortilla and add one of the eggs, with the onion. Drizzle the egg with 2 tablespoons of the enchilada sauce. Fold the other half of the tortilla over the burger and egg, then fold the sides over the top to form a pouch around the burger. Serve and enjoy!